Customer Comments On Securus Technologies Network Recommends Services

Does your current provider have a less than perfect network and you wish you would have known from the beginning? Today, more customers are relying on a great network established since 1993. The Securus Technologies provider has now become a very popular network with newly introduced services to their website forum. They have proudly allowed their customers to leave their comments on their website and it has led to preferred services and more. In fact, their CEO, Rick Smith, says, their comment forum has allowed their customers to take part in their integrated crime prevention measures.


Their customers have contributed to alerting other users of the best services related to saving them time and money. Most customers complain about the expensive fees that constantly seem to rise with competitor networks. Securus was one of the first networks to answer to a stabilized network while providing superior services at affordable prices. Most competitors make their customers pay for their unstable network, advertised sales, and expensive test services. Securus listens to their customers and provides services they can really use to avoid features like leaving home to commute to a correctional facility or trying to locate a third party authorized agent for services.


Customer Preferred Services


Remote Visits


Customers prefer remote visitation features because it allows users to remotely visit their loved ones in a correctional from anywhere with one small fee. Download the popular Securus Technologies app to immediately get access to visits with your friends or family securely over the internet.


Online Inmate Photos


You can always stop by and tell an inmate hello or send them some progress of their child’s kindergarten school year by sending a facility approved photo. Family members and friends are allowed to send up to five photos at one time.


Review of NewsWatch TV

A reliable source that can provide you breaking news about technology, consumer products, entertainment, health and travel is NewsWatch TV. At present this TV show is aired every week through ION Network and on The AMC Network twice a month. Andrew Tropeano hosts this show that features certain special reports submitted by Eric Forrest, Susan Bridges and Amada Forstorm. Since the beginning of NewsWatch TV in 1990, over 10,000 stories have been featured on various subjects including finance, medical, policy matters, new products, automotives, charities, entertainment, celebrities and legal issues etc. on both the networks. The NewsWatch TV reviews provided here under will help you to know more about this unique TV Show. 

Today NewsWatch TV is visited by more than 650 top American celebrities and entertainers to discuss the reason of their support to it and other current issues. This TV show is aired on two networks in USA so that it can be viewed almost in all markets in this country. In more than 25 years this TV show has become one of the most successful TV shows as it has been witnessed by over 700 million people throughout the country.

This fact can be confirmed from the reviews of some of their customers, given here under.

According to Bret H from contour Workstations, NewsWatch TV has helped in increasing the sales of their ultimate series of workstation due to appreciable quality of videos produced by them to get positive response from the viewers.

Tim S from Saygus says that NewsWatch TV reviews is highly recommended for the connection it has succeeded in building up between them and their customers by delivering right message, for what they wanted to say to their customers, in a right manner at right time through a right medium, which is very important for the promotion of any product and improving its sales.

Malcolm CasSelle Plays Integral Role In Launching New Service Called WAX

To this point you can collect virtual assets in many video games but they don’t have any real-world value. One company is looking to change this and they have launched a new decentralized digital platform called Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX). WAX creates a space where people can transfer their virtual assets to others in exchange for money. It also fractionalizes player profits and tokenizes the player’s virtual assets. Once this platform is well established it could expand into also allowing these abilities for physical assets as well.
By fractionalizing assets it’s possible to own a piece of something like a valuable baseball card or the Super Bowl jersey of the winning quarterback, for example. There will be Guilds in places that are responsible for authenticating the assets that are placed on WAX and they also have the ability to monitor the ownership of these assets. The company behind WAX is also investigating how to implement IoT and/or RFID technology so that where a physical asset is can be known to the people that own a percentage of it.
Malcolm CasSelle is one of the executives behind WAX. He has been in the technology industry since 1995. In that year he co-founded a media company called NetNoir and served as its chief technology officer. This company specialized on Afrocentric culture. A few years later he joined Pacific Century Cyberworks where he was a senior vice president.
In more recent years, Malcolm CasSelle joined MediaPass in 2013 as the firm’s chief executive officer. This company offers a paywall solution to its clients who want to generate revenue from their websites. He is the president of WAX which is his latest venture.
Over the course of his career, Malcolm CasSelle has worked in a number of countries. He has worked in the United States, Hong Kong, and in China. While in China he was one of the most senior executives of a company that was formed in a partnership between the U.S.’s Groupon and Tencent which is a Chinese video game and instant messaging firm. Helping him in this endeavor, he is fluent in Mandarin, Japanese, and English.

End Citizens United Trying to Make Elections Fair and Non-Biased

The election campaign rules should be strict and must be made to protect the interest of the people. However, in the United States, the campaign finance rules are not as strict, and the affluent individuals, as well as huge corporate companies, have a free hand of delving as much money as they want in the election. It negatively impacts the outcome of the election and runs over the interest of the everyday people of the nation. The Supreme Court decision of 2010 in the case of the F.E.C. vs. Citizens United led to the conclusion that the corporate companies and individuals can fund as much money as they went into the election. The End Citizens United is a political action committee that has been started in the year 2015 to end or modify this decision by the Supreme Court.

The End Citizens United believes that such huge amounts of money flowing into the election would make the elections bias and one-sided and the interest of the common people would lose its priority greatly. Moreover, it can potentially rig the elections and even make the country weaker from inside if the external forces start to funnel money into the elections to ensure outcome is as per their desires. The End Citizens United believes in the power of the people and keeps its funding process transparent. The political action committee collects money from the everyday people across the nation, which not only makes the organization accountable, but also helps in spreading the awareness about the improper campaign finance rules.

The primary aim of End Citizen United is to overhaul the decision by the Supreme Court. It would help in reinstating the faith of the people on the election of the country and also increase the voting percentage. The End Citizen United is collecting funds from across the nation from everyday people and backing the political candidates who support the same cause as the End Citizen United. The accountability in the election has to be bought, and it can only be done when there is transparency, and it is what the End Citizens United is fighting for. The PAC is also trying hard to stop the rollback of the Johnson Amendment.

The Johnson Amendment states that the big corporations cannot funnel their money through the churches and the charitable organizations. Sadly, many individuals and corporations have been using philanthropic organizations and churches as the front to fuel money into the political campaigns. Rollback of Johnson Amendment would make it easier for the rich and the wealthy to funnel money into the elections without getting caught, and this is what the End Citizens United doesn’t want. The End Citizens United wants to make sure that the elections are fair and that it ensures the victory of the deserving candidate only. For more information visit:

Jeremy Goldstein Explains the Importance of Knockout Option

The current economic situations have made companies to come up with measures that would enable them to save money. One of the main measures includes denying employees stock options. However, there exist other reasons that make companies not to offers stock options apart from the primary need of saving money. According to Jeremy Goldstein, the other reasons include: the stock values tendency of fluctuating denies employees the opportunity of using the options. Employees are also cautious and aware of the current economic downfalls that make the options valueless. Lastly, companies deny employees the stock options in order to avoid the demerits it is associated with.


According to Jeremy Goldstein, when companies want to save money and at the same time extend stock options to their employees, they should apply the knockout option. The knockout option is just like the conventional stock option since it also has time limits. However, the knockout option has advantages. Employees often lose their shares when they fall below a given amount. The options also help companies to save money by allowing companies with personalized payment plans for their top employees not to pay taxes. Knockout option is also not complicated like the conventional stock option.


Jeremy Goldstein is a professional financial advisor. He is also a lawyer and has been in practice for more than 15 years. He attended Pingry High School. He was then admitted to Cornell University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree. He then attended the University of Chicago and graduated with a Masters of Art degree. He holds a Juris Doctor from New York’s University School of Law. He is a co-founder of Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates LLC. He is the leading partner in the firm and also acts as a mentor to his partners. Mr. Goldstein is in charge of the executive duties at the company.


The legal firm offers consultation services to executive staff and committees. It also takes part in handling administration problems for companies. Mr. Goldstein has taken part in facilitating various acquisitions and merger deals involving companies. He facilitated the acquisition of Dow Chemical Company as well as Duke Energy.


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Fagali’I Airport: Serving Apia With Diligence

Fagali’I Airport is a public airport operated by the Samoa Airport Authority. The airport which is located in Fagali, Samoa was officially opened in 2009. The airport’s IATA code is FGI and the ICAO code is NSAP.

Other airports which are near Fagili’I in Apia include Pago Pago airport which is approximately 124km away from it. Niuatoputapu airport is located approximately 306km away from Fagali’i on Apia Faleolo airport is the closest to the airport because it is approximately 28 km away from it. Fitiuta airport is approximately 252km away from Fagali’I airport. Ofu airport is located approximately 222km away from Fagali’i. Niuafo’ou airport is located approximately 462 km away from Fagali’I.

Fagali’I Airport is an ideal airport and numerous flights fly to the destination almost every day. Some of the airlines that fly to the Apia destination include Fiji Airways, Air New Zealand, Virgin Australia, Polynesian airlines among others. Fagali’I is a renown airport and when you arrive at this Samoa destination you don’t have to worry about transportation. There are various car hire companies which are available near the airport. There are also taxis and cabs available for your transportation according to However, most people prefer car hire. If you plan to hire a vehicle, please remember to carry your driving license and photo card. This is because most car hire companies in Fagali’I will require them before they allow you to use their services. Booking online for the car hire is easier than flying to Apia first. Some of the car services available include Opodo, vehicle rent,, and enterprise among others.

There are numerous hotels that are adjacent to Fagali’I so when you reach Apia you will not have to travel for long to reach the ideal hotel destination on Some of the hotels that are near the airport include Tanoa Tusitala Hotel which is only 4.4 km away from the airport. Sama Tradition Resort is 8.4 km away from Fagali’I Airport. Bougain’ville Suites is only 8.6 km away from the airport. There are many other hotels which are just a few kilometers from the airport.

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Wild Ark Sea Turtle Trip Provides People With A Great Experience

There is no doubt that people all around the world have a sense and want to help endangered eco systems but sometimes it can be hard to know where to start to be able to do so. If your one of these people than going on a conservation eco-consicous vacation may be the right idea for you. Conservation type vacations allow you to provide help along with many other people to make eco systems better for not only plants but also for endangered animals. Many of these vacations are in areas life Africa, Botswana, and even Alaska. The best part of these trips aside from helping animals and ecosystems is that you can save a ton of money due to the fact that many of these trips are long even though they vary in length. Being on a vacation for as long as possible is always the goal.


Sense going on a long vacation is the best thing to do when planning a vacation Wild Ark offers trips that vary in length of time from 4 days to 55 days. That means you can go on vacation for up to 555 days and help animals and ecosystems at the same time with Wild Arks mission. Wild Ark is a conservation vacation planning company that provides people looking to go on these types of vacations with more than enough information to decide what they want to do.


Wild Ark offers vacations where you can help sea turtles. Wild Ark’s sea turtle vacation is located in Kenya. All vacationers of the sea turtle Wild Ark trip are accommodated with being able to spend their nights in a house that has four bedrooms and two beds in each room. Each room also has a shower, toilet, and sink in a bathroom. Wild Ark Sea Turtle vacation provides guests with not only great sleeping arrangements but also a kitchen in the house to make your own breakfast and dinner in. Wild Ark provides lunch on working days. Wild Ark’s cook for the sea turtle vacation makes food from naturally produced ingredients in order to make natural African dishes. Learn more:


Securus Technologies makes money for its institutional clients

One of the hot new trends in inmate communications is video visitation technologies. Although many companies have rolled out different versions of this high-tech solution, Securus Technologies, in particular, has created one of the most popular platforms by which inmates are able to virtually interact with their loved ones.


As popular as this system has become, Securus Technologies has noted that it is even more popular, perhaps, with the institutional users who allow its installation in their facilities. This is because the system actually allows these institutions to make far more calling revenues than they would otherwise have, all while saving a great deal of money that they would otherwise be forced to spend on in-person visitations.


In fact, in-person visitations are an extremely expensive and manpower-intensive service that prisons have long extended to inmates and the family members of the people incarcerated at their facilities. Although no inmate in the United States or their family member enjoys an actual right to visitation, this has long been a tradition that has held across states and across institutions. However, these services may cost tens of thousands of dollars per hour of visitation. Even in situations where dozens or even hundreds of inmates are able to simultaneously visit their loved ones, this is a major source of cost for prisons across the country.


But Securus video visitation is quickly changing all of that. In addition to directly raising money for the institutions of which the system is installed, through the payment of commissions, sometimes approaching 90 percent or higher, Securus is also dramatically reducing the number of in-person visitations that are scheduled in the nation’s present.


For this reason, Securus has been responsible for dramatic reductions in the cost of many prisons throughout the country. This has been yet another reason that the explosive popularity in video visitation has been spreading across the nation.

How Securus Technologies Secures You.

Security is such a big deal that a company like Securus Technologies has grown into the capacity of keeping over 1,000 employees constantly busy serving the United States and Canada. Securus Technogies is an information and communication technologies company (ICT) that has specialized in developing technologies that enhance the communication integrity in American and Canadian correctional and holding facilities. It directly determines how secure the 2,200 prison communities it services and their neighbors get. The company is based in Texas but has numerous offices across the two countries.

Securus Technologies focuses on limiting all the communications done in the prisons and detention centers it serves to the confines of law. One of the major advantages that inmates enjoy from the company’s services is that it allows them to keep in touch with their loved ones at subsidized prices. While enhancing the economy of prisoners, the company also enhances the security of prisons by preventing illegal communications between inmates with other inmates and their outside criminal contacts. The company dedicates a lot of time and other resources specifically to that end.

According to reports by PR Newswire, Securus develops new technologies every week to prevent illegal prison communications. The company has been known to develop cutting edge technologies and has since its entry into the market spent over 600 million dollars on patents and intellectual patents. The company management is so committed to innovation that it partners with other leading IT firms to develop technologies that make its activities as efficient as possible. Its most recent partnership was with the Harris Corporation and it led to the creation of the ‘’cell defender’’. The lovechild creation was an absolutely ingenious configuration that prevents contraband mobile devices from connecting with mobile networks within assigned correctional and holding facilities.

According to letters written to Securus by concerned and grateful stakeholders, the company has had a general positive impact on the security status of prisons they serve and even those that they don’t serve since the inter-prison crime syndicates have been rendered ineffective. Coordinated attacks on inmates, prison officials, and their families have been much difficult to perpetrate with the services that Securus has been delivering.


IDLife Changes The Course Of Customized Vitamins

IDLife has proven to be a very valuable customized nutritional vitamin company that benefits a ton of people that are interested in working out on a regular basis. So many people have been able to reshape their daily routines and improve their lives by utilizing the wide range of gluten free and soy free products that are offered by this organization.

This company has evolved into a well-known nutritional product company that is helping many people that are interested in getting the better supplements for their dieting and workout process. No one is able to work out successfully without the right supplements to restore their body when they deplete themselves of certain types of vitamins.

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People need to have a healthy amount of supplemental products, but the caveat to that is that most people do not like the traditional ways of obtaining these vitamins and nutrients. Very few people are going to opt for healthy foods on a regular basis. This is why it is so important to have products like the IDLife shakes and the IDLife Hydrate that is provided by IDLife. This helps anyone that is trying to build a much better dining plan. There are natural flavors and sweeteners used for these products. These dietary supplements have become quite impressive over the years.

A lot of people that are looking for a better product to make it easier for working out. It definitely helps to have something like IDLife in place because this company changes the course of what people are doing when it comes to healthy eating. More people are going to embrace IDLife once they learn about the variation of products that are created by this company. It has been easier for more people to eat healthy now that they have access to a company such as this. IDLife presents a total of change in the course of healthy eating and better dieting now that people have the ability to utilize a company such as this. ID Life really makes it easier for people to improve their daily eating habits when they have better supplements.

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