The 10X Rule Book Review-Grant Cardone

The 10X Rule Book Review -Grant Cardone

When I heard about this book the 10x rule I ordered the CDs from Amazon and I listened to it  all the time in my car. I will share with you my take away points from the book. I had never heard of this book or the the author Grant Cardone. After reading /listening to the book I was never the same again.

Success in the new world is defined by extreme success which requires actions beyond the normalcy. You may not achieve so called success as defined by the world if you stick to the strategies that every other guy employs. By following what everybody does, you will end up being an average guy. If you think of achieving huge success, you need to keep remove the chances of luck. You need to make success an everyday routine by taking it as an onus. The 10x rule by Grant Cardone walks stride by stride with you to guide you to your path of phenomenal success.

Here are some of the important take away points from the book


  1. When you are obliged to grand success how will you know how much effort you should put to maintain the flow of success

Who doesn’t like to have a taste of imposing success! Everybody desires to achieve that. Even people have spectacular ideas to work with. People with businesses such as carpet cleaning, car dealers, dental practitioners, just to name a few, all desire success. They may not always succeed because they lack the action plan. Even if they act on those plans, they don’t really know how much effort they should put to achieve success of at least their desired level.

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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Review

Have You Read The book the 7 habits of highly effective people?

7 habitsThe 7 habits of highly effective people is a book that is authored by Stephen Covey. He is popularly called the management leader. His book is one of the most popular books by Covey. This book  can be considered as a blueprint for personal development. The principles found in the 7 habits of highly effective people are usually used in life in general including; leadership, management and workplaces. The habits that are described in this book are really much easy for anyone to understand. Each chapter tackles one habit and the 7 habits are described in a clear and vivid manner. They are written in clear stages:

  1. Dependence- we are born relying on others to take care of us.
  2. Independence-we can make our own decisions and take care of ourselves
  3. Interdependence or Teamwork- we work with others to achieve what we couldn’t attain on our own.

Habit 1: Being Proactive

Highly effective people are not controlled by the environment. Rather, they control their environment. Proactive people have learned to take responsibility of their lives. They do not blame anyone or anything for what’s going on in their lives. They see the situation that is out of their control and choose to focus on what can controlled. Effective people even use proactive language such as; “I will…” , “I can..”, in contrast to reactive people who will say, “I can’t”, “If only..”.

Habit 2: Begin With The End in the Mind

This habit involves imagination. According to Covey things are created twice- 1st in the imagination and then when it is physically created.  Every person needs to have a vision of who they want to be before getting there and then do all they can to be that person. Before starting a journey we always have a destination, we can never reach the destination if it wasn’t set from the beginning.

Habit 3: Putting First Things As First

This habit is called personal management by the author. It deals with organizing and also implementing activities that have been laid down in habit 2. Once the mind is set on what a person wants to be, the next stage is to work towards it. Lots of activities will come along but, it is important to choose the very important ones that lead to achieving the goal. What are the first things that need to be done? Prioritize and manage your time towards achieving the main goal.

Habit 4: Think About Win – Win

Many people think in terms of winning and losing or in terms of comparisons in life. Think of neighbours who always compare what they have and try to outdo each other. This would be a win-lose kind of thinking. However the win-win thinking says there is enough for us all, we all come to a mutual agreement. This person shows that he is mature,  has integrity and he has an abundance mentality.


Habit 5: Seek First To Understand, Then Be Understood


Listening is a skill that has to be learned if anyone has to be good in communication. Many atimes we pretend we are listening  and yet really we’re not hearing what the other person is saying. Have you ever been in situations when you are conversing with someone, before you finish they are already having conclusions or judging what you are saying?  Here the author says we have to first understand the other person before we come to conclusions.  Listening well, then talk, makes it easy to communicate and to be understood.


Habit 6: Synergize

This is the habit that is usually called  the creative cooperation. Here people come together as a team, to make solutions of issues that they could not have solved individually. People work together with their strengths and weaknesses for the good of producing solutions. It is powerful to work as a team as the work grows exponentially.

Habit 7: Sharpening Saw

This is a way to preserve and enhance yourself so that you continue to have change and growth in life.  This renewal will have to be in all areas of life, whether it be physical, spiritual, intellectual, or social.  Without recharging yourself one can easily get burned up by the daily activities in life. It is of great importance to take time to revitalize oneself. After having read this book, the 7 habits of highly effective people, I felt I had to really encourage you to get it.

7 habits

Mini Habits Book Review by Stephen Guise

What is Mini Habits?

mini habitsStephen Guise has written a book named Mini Habits. The content in the book of this author is that it is something that says how the small changes can have much amazing impact in life. Mini habits is the book that anyone can try to implement in the life. This is the one which can work well. The book makes you understand the fact that the motivation star is not something that is going to come all in a sudden and make you do the things that you find difficult in doing. This is the book that can help you in getting good thoughts so that you can easily get the things done in a much better way. The habits that you need to form for sticking with it need not to have motivation but they need you to really have triggers. It is always necessary for you to understand the factor.

Major Sentences that Makes the Book

The first point that the book talks more is about the fact that it is all about the triggers which can actually get you to a habit which you find as something to stick and not the motivation. There should be some triggering factor that makes it necessary to do that so there is no need for you to really be in need of any kind of motivation or some kind of force. It is necessary to have some factor that triggers that action for you every time.
When it comes to creating some habits that you actually need to sustain for longer term, try to ensure that you make that really easier so that you may feel like sustaining that. Only those habits which can be easily followed can be sustained or else it can put you in real trouble. There are chances for you to have some core motivations and they should be able to drive the habits that you have. The core motivations you have should be something that have got the ability for driving the habits that you have. Continue reading “Mini Habits Book Review by Stephen Guise”

Getting Things Done Book Review By David Allen

Getting Things Done Summary

getting things doneThe Book Getting Things Done by David Allen is a saviour when it comes to  someone who is overwhelmed with “stuff” and failing to getting things done in time or done at all. After reading this book there was clarity on what I needed to do on a daily basis. He goes step by step to show you how a project can be done making it very easy. One example of a project he gives can be as simple as cleaning a messy kitchen. There are five simple steps that can be taken to tackle this project and this can be used with any other projects for personal life and at work.

Getting Things Done Methodology In Five Steps

This is a method of best practices that have been put together so that you are always on top of stuff in life and work and you are not distracted. You become fully engaged on what is important to be done at the time.

1.Capturing or Collecting

The main thing here is find out what it is capturing a person’s attention. By just looking around a person is able to tell what needs to be moved and placed elsewhere or just seeing what is not in order. This could be done at work or at home by looking at the work space. David talks of four categories that need to be considered: is it decoration, supplies, reference material or equipment? If not then it is something that is in progress, needs to be completed and put at the right place. That way you begin to collect these items into a box , a tray etc whatever you want to use. Sometimes it not things that we see but what is in the mind. There are times when you have so much that needs to be done and the mind is kept busy and have no peace. With such David suggests we use pen and paper to list them down. At this stage it is just gathering everything so that it is not lost. Important tool to use here is just paper and pen. Some people are comfortable with other digital gadgets which is fine as long as it works for the individual. Continue reading “Getting Things Done Book Review By David Allen”

Eat That Frog Review-Procrastination

Overcome Procrastination

Procrastination Eat that frog by Brian TracyEat that frog is the book or audiobook which is written by the popular author Brian Tracy. This is the book that is made by compiling various techniques and ideas from many people who are part of the personal productivity and time management industry. The book comes with different ways to overcome procrastination and it can make it much accessible to the people in the application of the techniques. It is something written in simple terms and so you will not find any jargon in this book. It is meant to make people understand about the various things that are available related to time management and the ways of actually executing the same. The book provides you with such methods that can be easily implemented in your life in the right way possible. There are so many exercises that are actionable for the same. The book comes with about 21 chapters and each of these chapters come with some new techniques or ideas that can help anyone overcome the issue of the procrastination. The book deals with such 21 different techniques and is really a good one for all those who want to actually know and learn how to manage their time.

Writing Things Down

Brian Tracy, who is the author of the book like any other experts in the niche of time management speaks a lot about writing things down. He literally asks you to use paper and pen when he makes you do various exercises throughout the chapters in the book. It is not a good idea to replace this with your digital format as he expects to use a paper and pen when he asks to do the same. The goals which are written on a paper with a pen has an entirely different meaning and effect on you rather than what is available in the digital format. This is something which the author gives importance because it does make a huge difference in the way you take things. Continue reading “Eat That Frog Review-Procrastination”