The Enormous Growth of Fabletics

Shopping online can be very interesting. This can be one of the most convenient things that people can do with their time. Fabletics is a company that definitely helps people save a lot of time. This is the company that has a subscription service that gives people the ability to acquire clothes without even going to the website. This may be one of the most interesting concepts in e-commerce that has ever been seen.


Kate Hudson is not the first to implement this concept. JustFab was the company that started this process by way of Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. They were very successful in proving that this is something that consumers wanted. They did this with clothing for women and accessories through JustFab, but connected with Kate Hudson as a co-founder when they decided to do it for athletic clothing. She was the best possible candidate for this because she is someone actually works out. They could have chosen a lot of models and celebrities that have the look of someone that is in shape, but they chose someone that was actually working out on a regular basis.


Kate Hudson is someone that has managed to inspire a lot of women that are interested in changing their style. A lot of women are interested in getting into the gym to work out, but they may not have the clothes that they would like for their trips to the gym. Kate Hudson is giving women the chance to look stylish. Fabletics provides a wealth of different options for various activities.


That may be exactly what Fabletics needs in order to compete successfully with Amazon. She realizes that there are going to be joggers that come to the website that are looking for activewear. There are going to be yoga enthusiasts looking for tights. There are going to be swimmers that are interested in swimwear. There are also sports bras and other types of undergarments that may be needed for women that work out. Kate Hudson is making sure that she covers all of the bases because she knows that mammoth companies like Amazon will have a large selection as well.


Hudson is aware of the fact that Amazon is in a great position to own a large percentage of the clothing market. She doesn’t plan to make any attempt to take over the entire clothing industry. Fabletics is a niche market that is dedicated to athletic clothing so Kate places her biggest focus on this.


The signs of enormous growth are evident because there is so much change happening with this company. In the beginning it was only available to American customers. As time progressed Australia became another aspect of Fabletics. After this Canada also grew to become part of the online crowd that was patronizing Fabletics. Now it appears that more physical stores are going to be on the map as well. This is just another aspect of Fabletics that shows growth and the sheer determination of Kate Hudson.