How Sawyer Howitt Is Getting An Early Start As An Entrepreneur

Sawyer Howitt is a Project Manager at Meriwether Group. As an entrepreneur, he is looking to disrupt the world of retail. He is designing a project along with senior leaders at Meriwether Group that are looking to create a system where shoppers are able to pick products up in a retail and then simply leave the store as they are automatically charged on the way out. At the heart of this proposition is cutting-edge technology that reads the RFID chips that are attached to every product in the store.

Sawyer Howitt comes from a family that has been entrepreneurs for many years. His father, David Howitt, is the founder of Meriwether Group along with other companies like Oregon Chai.

As Sawyer Howitt is still in high school, his introduction to being an entrepreneur began early in his life. He is currently a senior and committed to Columbia University in the fall. At Columbia University he will be pursuing a degree in Entrepreneurial Finance.

Besides his schoolwork and job, Sawyer enjoys many hobbies including following the Portland Trail Blazers. Howitt also enjoys photography, music, fishing, fashion, culture, and racquetball. He has a bright future ahead of him in the world of being an entrepreneur.