Brian Bonar- A Highly Successful Entrepreneur And Financial Consultant

The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Dalrada Financial Corporation, Brian Bonar is an inspiration to all future entrepreneurs. His transformative leadership, passion for the design process and an eye for details sets him apart from all his counterparts.

According to Crunchbase, from Stafford University, Brian Bonar procured his Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. Throughout his career, he left an indelible mark with his exceptional skills in the development of innovative sales, marketing strategy, lead generation as well as process improvement.

His experience in site and building design, design development, new business development, procurement, finding venture capital as well as contract administration is exemplary.

Presently, Bonar is respected as a leader who goes all out to help his clients; team members, as well as any of his project partners, realize their goals. He had served in various industries like a local commercial, aviation, multi-family housing and even the education sector.

His career began at the IBM as a procurement manager outsourcing motherboards of personal computers which IBM manufactures as well as sold. From there, he shifted to QMS as the Director of Engineering.

In his four years stint there, he successfully led over 100 engineers looking into both software and hardware development. Then in 1989, he became the Vice President Sales and Marketing for the Rastek Corporation.

Here, he became deeply involved with the marketing and sales of printing technology on a global level. From here, he shifted to Adaptec as sales manager. During this job, he worked closely with the major Korean and Japanese manufacturing companies of printers.

Within a year, in September 1994, he decided to form his company, Bezier Systems and went on to become the first creator and marketer of a SCSI printer. Just after a year, he again worked closely with the Japanese and Korean printer manufacturers as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for ITEC imaging technologies. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

Always on the lookout for challenges, he needed fresh blood again after four years which he got in 2008 as the president of Allegiant Professional Business Services. His aim was to boost its sales and marketing. Simultaneously with it, he founded and managed AMS Outsourcing, a San Diego, California-based company.

In 1999, he founded his company, the Dalrada Financial Services and remained its CEO while continuing his other jobs. In his business, Bonar concentrated on creating and improving management strategy and direct sales. In 2011, he took up additional responsibility as Chairman and CEO of Trucept, a company providing insurance products and temporary staff to San Diego companies.

An enriching career of about 30 years now has ultimately made Brian a visionary leader. Every company, he served, has benefitted from his drive, experience, and dedication.

Apparently, this also won him several awards. Most notable is ‘The Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of The Year’ in Finance. He still looks poised to scale new heights.