Marc Sparks Is A Venture Capitalist Funded By Faith

Some people have been gifted with an inherent ability to make great business decisions using an instinct that is able to determine if a venture will be successful in the long run. Marc Sparks is one of those blessed individuals who has been the principle in dozens of leading startups from his home base in Dallas, TX. He has many great testimonies, and always gives the credit to God for giving him the ability to make responsible decisions that pay off in the field entrepreneurship and venture capitalism.


Timber Creek Capital is the name of Marc Sparks private equity firm which he leverages to make these investments into a myriad of companies and startups that other people might pass on due to a disbelief in the ability of the concept to come to life. That is where his instinct differs from most of the others who might not give such things a chance, and it is a difference that has paid off and continues to even now.


Timber Creek provides a host of various different avenues of assistance to the entrepreneurs who want to see their dreams become a reality with the guidance of Marc Sparks. Everything from investment capital, office space, equipment and so much more has been offered for over 37 years now, and all of this has brought to fruition such visions as Bluejay Wireless, HaulFox, GlobalTech Solutions LLP and many more. Altogether these company make up a portfolio that shows that Marc Sparks is a man who can get things done in that arena.


He has also written a success book titled They Can’t Eat You which details both his successful ventures as well as the ones which did not meet with such lofty expectations. There are many entrepreneurs who cannot handle the losses and failures, but the field of venture capitalism is wrought with both, and it takes a humble and resilient leader to be able to rise from the rubble of the failures. One can then integrate the lessons learned into future decisions, and that is what sets Marc Sparks apart from the competition.


Anyone that is looking for a venture capitalist to sponsor their vision will not only benefit from the outlaying of money, but also they get the wisdom and experience of Marc and his staff to go along with that check. With that it seems like anything is possible, even if the concept needs to be tweaked a little bit in order to be able to hold its own in the various rough and competitive markets which Marc has been able to profit in. Anyone looking for funding should submit the form on his website in order to get their idea before this man of faith and winning.


Successful Career Life of Mike Baur

Mike Baur is a Swiss entrepreneur and the co-founder Swiss Startup Factory. Previously, Baur had worked in the Swiss banking industry for more than 20 years. His previous employers include Clariden Leu and UBS. After resigning from his job, Mike started to invest in startup firms, and in 2014, they co-founded Swiss Startup Factory with Oliver Walzer and Max Meister. In a contest organized by the University of St. Gallen, Mike was part of the jury team. Swiss Startup Factory and CTI partnered to form CTI Invest, and in January 2016, Mike Baur was announced the deputy managing director of the new startup.


Mike has excellent entrepreneurial skills, and an understanding of the banking and financial sector. In addition, he has several years of leadership and management experience at the top level. Mike Baur invests much of his time in helping young entrepreneurs and several Swiss startups as a financial advisor. Mike studied at the University of Rochester, New York for his MBA, and at the University of Berne for his Executive MBA. Mike grew up Fribourg, and today, he resides in the Zurich region together with his family.


About Swiss Startup Factory


The Zurich-based accelerator was launched in 2014 on a platform of assisting successful digital entrepreneurs. The firm provides amazing opportunities to their clients from the first day, using their strong client-base in Switzerland and across the world. The firm’s accelerator program runs for three months, where they focus on coaching and mentoring services to help startups diversify on their entrepreneurial network.


In early 2016, Baur led his company into a partnership agreement with Fintech Fusion, and before that there was a successful accelerator program featuring Goldback Group. The objective of Swiss Startup Factory is to transform the operations of startups and make them multi-national companies that can serve clients from different parts of the world.


Under the leadership of Mike Baur, Swiss Startup Factory is focusing on developing an accelerator program that would set the path for other programs. Furthermore, the company wants to have potential to serve any startup, regardless of the service they need.

US Money Reserve Advice

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US Money Reserve

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Future Plans

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They are investing in a new TV advertising campaign that will drive traffic to their site. If you are someone who needs financial help with the way you are looking at things, US Money Reserve is a great company to work with.

Philanthropist- Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson sold Atlanta Hawks in 2014, and he found a new job to do. Mr. Bruce is a participator and donor in the community development activities. The Do Good Institute is a non-profit organization which has been working hand in hand with the University of Maryland. The Do, Good Institute is one of the programs which have been extraordinary in the high education system, reveals PR Newswire. The main aim of the program is to assist students who are pursuing their undergraduate program at the University of Maryland, and expose them to an environment of helpers and non-profit so that they can be able to compete with their counterparts in the private institutions.

Bruce ( and his wife learned of the Do Good Institute that was being managed by people who had little exposure and did not have enough knowledge as well as resources to execute the program. The couple decided to give them a hand in running the program. In support of the University and the founders of the Do Good Institute Bruce and his wife Karen donated $75 million while the state of Maryland gave a donation. The Institute gave the first class $10000 to use for a course of their choice. The program was established in two protracted missions which are

  • To change the University into a do good institution where every student who graduates from the University is informed and equipped to give back.
  • To skill the next generation of non-profit leaders.

Bruce Levenson can well be described as an American entrepreneur and philanthropist. Mr. Bruce was the owner of an NBA organization Atlanta Hawks, Bruce Levenson comes from a Jewish background, but he grew up in Washington D.C. After his high school graduation, Bruce went to further his education at the Washington University in St Louis and later he graduated from the school of law. Bruce is passionate about people making him a great participator of the community activities, and he was the head of 5601several charity organizations.