Securus Technologies makes money for its institutional clients

One of the hot new trends in inmate communications is video visitation technologies. Although many companies have rolled out different versions of this high-tech solution, Securus Technologies, in particular, has created one of the most popular platforms by which inmates are able to virtually interact with their loved ones.


As popular as this system has become, Securus Technologies has noted that it is even more popular, perhaps, with the institutional users who allow its installation in their facilities. This is because the system actually allows these institutions to make far more calling revenues than they would otherwise have, all while saving a great deal of money that they would otherwise be forced to spend on in-person visitations.


In fact, in-person visitations are an extremely expensive and manpower-intensive service that prisons have long extended to inmates and the family members of the people incarcerated at their facilities. Although no inmate in the United States or their family member enjoys an actual right to visitation, this has long been a tradition that has held across states and across institutions. However, these services may cost tens of thousands of dollars per hour of visitation. Even in situations where dozens or even hundreds of inmates are able to simultaneously visit their loved ones, this is a major source of cost for prisons across the country.


But Securus video visitation is quickly changing all of that. In addition to directly raising money for the institutions of which the system is installed, through the payment of commissions, sometimes approaching 90 percent or higher, Securus is also dramatically reducing the number of in-person visitations that are scheduled in the nation’s present.


For this reason, Securus has been responsible for dramatic reductions in the cost of many prisons throughout the country. This has been yet another reason that the explosive popularity in video visitation has been spreading across the nation.