Jeremy Goldstein Explains the Importance of Knockout Option

The current economic situations have made companies to come up with measures that would enable them to save money. One of the main measures includes denying employees stock options. However, there exist other reasons that make companies not to offers stock options apart from the primary need of saving money. According to Jeremy Goldstein, the other reasons include: the stock values tendency of fluctuating denies employees the opportunity of using the options. Employees are also cautious and aware of the current economic downfalls that make the options valueless. Lastly, companies deny employees the stock options in order to avoid the demerits it is associated with.


According to Jeremy Goldstein, when companies want to save money and at the same time extend stock options to their employees, they should apply the knockout option. The knockout option is just like the conventional stock option since it also has time limits. However, the knockout option has advantages. Employees often lose their shares when they fall below a given amount. The options also help companies to save money by allowing companies with personalized payment plans for their top employees not to pay taxes. Knockout option is also not complicated like the conventional stock option.


Jeremy Goldstein is a professional financial advisor. He is also a lawyer and has been in practice for more than 15 years. He attended Pingry High School. He was then admitted to Cornell University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree. He then attended the University of Chicago and graduated with a Masters of Art degree. He holds a Juris Doctor from New York’s University School of Law. He is a co-founder of Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates LLC. He is the leading partner in the firm and also acts as a mentor to his partners. Mr. Goldstein is in charge of the executive duties at the company.


The legal firm offers consultation services to executive staff and committees. It also takes part in handling administration problems for companies. Mr. Goldstein has taken part in facilitating various acquisitions and merger deals involving companies. He facilitated the acquisition of Dow Chemical Company as well as Duke Energy.


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