End Citizens United Trying to Make Elections Fair and Non-Biased

The election campaign rules should be strict and must be made to protect the interest of the people. However, in the United States, the campaign finance rules are not as strict, and the affluent individuals, as well as huge corporate companies, have a free hand of delving as much money as they want in the election. It negatively impacts the outcome of the election and runs over the interest of the everyday people of the nation. The Supreme Court decision of 2010 in the case of the F.E.C. vs. Citizens United led to the conclusion that the corporate companies and individuals can fund as much money as they went into the election. The End Citizens United is a political action committee that has been started in the year 2015 to end or modify this decision by the Supreme Court.

The End Citizens United believes that such huge amounts of money flowing into the election would make the elections bias and one-sided and the interest of the common people would lose its priority greatly. Moreover, it can potentially rig the elections and even make the country weaker from inside if the external forces start to funnel money into the elections to ensure outcome is as per their desires. The End Citizens United believes in the power of the people and keeps its funding process transparent. The political action committee collects money from the everyday people across the nation, which not only makes the organization accountable, but also helps in spreading the awareness about the improper campaign finance rules.

The primary aim of End Citizen United is to overhaul the decision by the Supreme Court. It would help in reinstating the faith of the people on the election of the country and also increase the voting percentage. The End Citizen United is collecting funds from across the nation from everyday people and backing the political candidates who support the same cause as the End Citizen United. The accountability in the election has to be bought, and it can only be done when there is transparency, and it is what the End Citizens United is fighting for. The PAC is also trying hard to stop the rollback of the Johnson Amendment.

The Johnson Amendment states that the big corporations cannot funnel their money through the churches and the charitable organizations. Sadly, many individuals and corporations have been using philanthropic organizations and churches as the front to fuel money into the political campaigns. Rollback of Johnson Amendment would make it easier for the rich and the wealthy to funnel money into the elections without getting caught, and this is what the End Citizens United doesn’t want. The End Citizens United wants to make sure that the elections are fair and that it ensures the victory of the deserving candidate only. For more information visit:http://action.dscc.org/page/s/citizens-united

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