Customer Comments On Securus Technologies Network Recommends Services

Does your current provider have a less than perfect network and you wish you would have known from the beginning? Today, more customers are relying on a great network established since 1993. The Securus Technologies provider has now become a very popular network with newly introduced services to their website forum. They have proudly allowed their customers to leave their comments on their website and it has led to preferred services and more. In fact, their CEO, Rick Smith, says, their comment forum has allowed their customers to take part in their integrated crime prevention measures.


Their customers have contributed to alerting other users of the best services related to saving them time and money. Most customers complain about the expensive fees that constantly seem to rise with competitor networks. Securus was one of the first networks to answer to a stabilized network while providing superior services at affordable prices. Most competitors make their customers pay for their unstable network, advertised sales, and expensive test services. Securus listens to their customers and provides services they can really use to avoid features like leaving home to commute to a correctional facility or trying to locate a third party authorized agent for services.


Customer Preferred Services


Remote Visits


Customers prefer remote visitation features because it allows users to remotely visit their loved ones in a correctional from anywhere with one small fee. Download the popular Securus Technologies app to immediately get access to visits with your friends or family securely over the internet.


Online Inmate Photos


You can always stop by and tell an inmate hello or send them some progress of their child’s kindergarten school year by sending a facility approved photo. Family members and friends are allowed to send up to five photos at one time.


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