To Condition, Or Not To Condition (Your Tresses), That Is The Question

In today’s world, it is of course essential to keep your tresses well conditioned. In an ideal universe, we would all wash our hair just once a week and let our locks air dry in the sun and always have that sexy beach hair we see in the fashion magazines…But we’re here, on planet Earth…and that alternate universe is just not reality!

If it’s not the coloring, the high lights, the daily blow drying, then it’s the over exposure to the sun’s UV rays, the swimming pool’s chlorine, or a multitude of other abuses we are subject to, that can damage and leave our cherished hair looking anything but lustrous and sexy.

The answer is not to just cleanse and condition, but to do so with high quality products that will revive, heal, protect and give us a healthy looking style that shows off a unique signature look we all dream of having.


Well, if you’re like me, you’ve tried scores of different brands over the years and are still not content enough to stay loyal to any particular one. I went through so many name brand products until I found Wen by Chaz!

This professional line of cleansing conditioners has to die for yummy smelling flavors like Summer Mango Coconut, Sweet Almond Mint, Fall Apple Spice, Lavender and Pomegranate just to mention a few.

The real Genius of the Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioners is that the one product will replace five that you’re already buying now. It’s a one stop shop for your shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler and leave-in conditioner! You’ll love the beautiful results. My hair did not just start to look and feel great, but it’s also the healthiest it’s ever been.

You don’t have to believe in out of this world fantasies to have healthy, beautiful hair…with Wen by Chaz your locks will have that signature look you imagine exists for you only in Another Universe!

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Marc Sparks Is A Venture Capitalist Funded By Faith

Some people have been gifted with an inherent ability to make great business decisions using an instinct that is able to determine if a venture will be successful in the long run. Marc Sparks is one of those blessed individuals who has been the principle in dozens of leading startups from his home base in Dallas, TX. He has many great testimonies, and always gives the credit to God for giving him the ability to make responsible decisions that pay off in the field entrepreneurship and venture capitalism.


Timber Creek Capital is the name of Marc Sparks private equity firm which he leverages to make these investments into a myriad of companies and startups that other people might pass on due to a disbelief in the ability of the concept to come to life. That is where his instinct differs from most of the others who might not give such things a chance, and it is a difference that has paid off and continues to even now.


Timber Creek provides a host of various different avenues of assistance to the entrepreneurs who want to see their dreams become a reality with the guidance of Marc Sparks. Everything from investment capital, office space, equipment and so much more has been offered for over 37 years now, and all of this has brought to fruition such visions as Bluejay Wireless, HaulFox, GlobalTech Solutions LLP and many more. Altogether these company make up a portfolio that shows that Marc Sparks is a man who can get things done in that arena.


He has also written a success book titled They Can’t Eat You which details both his successful ventures as well as the ones which did not meet with such lofty expectations. There are many entrepreneurs who cannot handle the losses and failures, but the field of venture capitalism is wrought with both, and it takes a humble and resilient leader to be able to rise from the rubble of the failures. One can then integrate the lessons learned into future decisions, and that is what sets Marc Sparks apart from the competition.


Anyone that is looking for a venture capitalist to sponsor their vision will not only benefit from the outlaying of money, but also they get the wisdom and experience of Marc and his staff to go along with that check. With that it seems like anything is possible, even if the concept needs to be tweaked a little bit in order to be able to hold its own in the various rough and competitive markets which Marc has been able to profit in. Anyone looking for funding should submit the form on his website in order to get their idea before this man of faith and winning.


Successful Career Life of Mike Baur

Mike Baur is a Swiss entrepreneur and the co-founder Swiss Startup Factory. Previously, Baur had worked in the Swiss banking industry for more than 20 years. His previous employers include Clariden Leu and UBS. After resigning from his job, Mike started to invest in startup firms, and in 2014, they co-founded Swiss Startup Factory with Oliver Walzer and Max Meister. In a contest organized by the University of St. Gallen, Mike was part of the jury team. Swiss Startup Factory and CTI partnered to form CTI Invest, and in January 2016, Mike Baur was announced the deputy managing director of the new startup.


Mike has excellent entrepreneurial skills, and an understanding of the banking and financial sector. In addition, he has several years of leadership and management experience at the top level. Mike Baur invests much of his time in helping young entrepreneurs and several Swiss startups as a financial advisor. Mike studied at the University of Rochester, New York for his MBA, and at the University of Berne for his Executive MBA. Mike grew up Fribourg, and today, he resides in the Zurich region together with his family.


About Swiss Startup Factory


The Zurich-based accelerator was launched in 2014 on a platform of assisting successful digital entrepreneurs. The firm provides amazing opportunities to their clients from the first day, using their strong client-base in Switzerland and across the world. The firm’s accelerator program runs for three months, where they focus on coaching and mentoring services to help startups diversify on their entrepreneurial network.


In early 2016, Baur led his company into a partnership agreement with Fintech Fusion, and before that there was a successful accelerator program featuring Goldback Group. The objective of Swiss Startup Factory is to transform the operations of startups and make them multi-national companies that can serve clients from different parts of the world.


Under the leadership of Mike Baur, Swiss Startup Factory is focusing on developing an accelerator program that would set the path for other programs. Furthermore, the company wants to have potential to serve any startup, regardless of the service they need.

US Money Reserve Advice

There are a lot of ways to get the word out about a new business. In the world of business, US Reserve is the type of company that you want to work with. They have a lot of advice that they give out for free, and this is a great way for you to bounce your ideas against what other people are saying.

Now is a great time to try and figure out ways that you can help yourself in this area. Over time, you can start to see the areas where you need to improve in your personal finances. One of the exciting things about US Money Reserve is that they are starting to advertise on TV. They already have a great podcast, and this is a great way for you to learn about the world of business and finance.

US Money Reserve

The growth of US Money Reserve has been fun to watch for a lot of people in the industry. There are a lot of people who need financial planning advice, and this is a great way to get it.

Not only will they help you succeed at a high level, but they can also help you figure out a plan for your future. With the changes that are going on in the industry, now is the time to try and figure out what path you want to follow.

According to Crunchbase, US Money Reserve offers advice that a lot of people do not follow. Instead of trying to figure out ways that you can make money off of others, you need to think of how you can invest for the future. This is primarily what US Money Reserve focuses on, but they also try to provide education in the way that they explain it.

Future Plans

US Money Reserve is going to continue to expand in the coming years as long as they continue to provide great service to customers. One of the great things about the company is the fact that they are looking for ways to get the word about them out more.

They are investing in a new TV advertising campaign that will drive traffic to their site. If you are someone who needs financial help with the way you are looking at things, US Money Reserve is a great company to work with.

Philanthropist- Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson sold Atlanta Hawks in 2014, and he found a new job to do. Mr. Bruce is a participator and donor in the community development activities. The Do Good Institute is a non-profit organization which has been working hand in hand with the University of Maryland. The Do, Good Institute is one of the programs which have been extraordinary in the high education system, reveals PR Newswire. The main aim of the program is to assist students who are pursuing their undergraduate program at the University of Maryland, and expose them to an environment of helpers and non-profit so that they can be able to compete with their counterparts in the private institutions.

Bruce ( and his wife learned of the Do Good Institute that was being managed by people who had little exposure and did not have enough knowledge as well as resources to execute the program. The couple decided to give them a hand in running the program. In support of the University and the founders of the Do Good Institute Bruce and his wife Karen donated $75 million while the state of Maryland gave a donation. The Institute gave the first class $10000 to use for a course of their choice. The program was established in two protracted missions which are

  • To change the University into a do good institution where every student who graduates from the University is informed and equipped to give back.
  • To skill the next generation of non-profit leaders.

Bruce Levenson can well be described as an American entrepreneur and philanthropist. Mr. Bruce was the owner of an NBA organization Atlanta Hawks, Bruce Levenson comes from a Jewish background, but he grew up in Washington D.C. After his high school graduation, Bruce went to further his education at the Washington University in St Louis and later he graduated from the school of law. Bruce is passionate about people making him a great participator of the community activities, and he was the head of 5601several charity organizations.

The Success Story and Philanthropic Activities of George Soros

The story of George Soros is an inspiring story. He was born in Hungary but fled the country due to political instability at the time. He went to the United Kingdom and worked as a waiter and a railway porter and used the money to put himself through the London School of Economics. He started working in finance in one of London’s merchant banks.

He left the U.K and moved to New York. When in New York, he familiarized himself with the Wall Street and became successful that he started his hedge fund with a $12 million as the asset in 1986. The name of the hedge fund was later changed to Quantum Fund.

His financial break came in 1992 when he collaborated with Stan Druckenmiller, a fellow investor and hedge fund manager; they were able to short the British pound. It resulted in the two making huge profits that he was referred to as the “man who broke the Bank of England.”

Even decades later, Soros is still considered an investment heavyweight. His investment office is said to manage assets exceeding $30 billion. Dawn Fitzpatrick was hired to lead the Soros Fund Management as the new Chief Investment Officer in 2017. Dawn Fitzpatrick is considered to be a prominent and influential woman in Wall Street. She has become the seventh Chief Investment Officer to head Soros Fund Management since 2000.

In 2016, George Soros aired his support for Clinton when he made a donation of $25 million to support her campaign. His support for Democratic candidates dates back to 2004 when he committed more than $27 million to try and defeat George W. Bush. Even though it didn’t go his way, he showed strong support to the Democratic Party. Read his profile at Forbes.

Soros has recently criticized President Trump’s actions and said that he is playing into the hands of ISIS by instilling fear to people. He has remained a critic of the current president.

His estimated net worth is $25 billion, which he acquired through risky currency trade. As a rich man, he likes to give back to the society. Through Soros’s Open Society, he has been able to donate more to charity than any other Wall Street billionaire. The Soros’s Open Society tries to identify people, communities, and societies in need of aid and do their best to deliver the assistance required. They are known to help the oppressed, marginalized and the vulnerable communities. As a survivor of the Nazi invasion and occupation of Hungary and coming from a Jewish family, he knows best how it feels to be oppressed.

The foundation has contributed to the education, health and other humanitarian efforts required around the world. Soros’s Open Society is also known to funding organizations and individuals who are on the same mission as the foundation. Read more on

Brian Bonar- A Highly Successful Entrepreneur And Financial Consultant

The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Dalrada Financial Corporation, Brian Bonar is an inspiration to all future entrepreneurs. His transformative leadership, passion for the design process and an eye for details sets him apart from all his counterparts.

According to Crunchbase, from Stafford University, Brian Bonar procured his Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. Throughout his career, he left an indelible mark with his exceptional skills in the development of innovative sales, marketing strategy, lead generation as well as process improvement.

His experience in site and building design, design development, new business development, procurement, finding venture capital as well as contract administration is exemplary.

Presently, Bonar is respected as a leader who goes all out to help his clients; team members, as well as any of his project partners, realize their goals. He had served in various industries like a local commercial, aviation, multi-family housing and even the education sector.

His career began at the IBM as a procurement manager outsourcing motherboards of personal computers which IBM manufactures as well as sold. From there, he shifted to QMS as the Director of Engineering.

In his four years stint there, he successfully led over 100 engineers looking into both software and hardware development. Then in 1989, he became the Vice President Sales and Marketing for the Rastek Corporation.

Here, he became deeply involved with the marketing and sales of printing technology on a global level. From here, he shifted to Adaptec as sales manager. During this job, he worked closely with the major Korean and Japanese manufacturing companies of printers.

Within a year, in September 1994, he decided to form his company, Bezier Systems and went on to become the first creator and marketer of a SCSI printer. Just after a year, he again worked closely with the Japanese and Korean printer manufacturers as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for ITEC imaging technologies. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

Always on the lookout for challenges, he needed fresh blood again after four years which he got in 2008 as the president of Allegiant Professional Business Services. His aim was to boost its sales and marketing. Simultaneously with it, he founded and managed AMS Outsourcing, a San Diego, California-based company.

In 1999, he founded his company, the Dalrada Financial Services and remained its CEO while continuing his other jobs. In his business, Bonar concentrated on creating and improving management strategy and direct sales. In 2011, he took up additional responsibility as Chairman and CEO of Trucept, a company providing insurance products and temporary staff to San Diego companies.

An enriching career of about 30 years now has ultimately made Brian a visionary leader. Every company, he served, has benefitted from his drive, experience, and dedication.

Apparently, this also won him several awards. Most notable is ‘The Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of The Year’ in Finance. He still looks poised to scale new heights.

How Sawyer Howitt Is Getting An Early Start As An Entrepreneur

Sawyer Howitt is a Project Manager at Meriwether Group. As an entrepreneur, he is looking to disrupt the world of retail. He is designing a project along with senior leaders at Meriwether Group that are looking to create a system where shoppers are able to pick products up in a retail and then simply leave the store as they are automatically charged on the way out. At the heart of this proposition is cutting-edge technology that reads the RFID chips that are attached to every product in the store.

Sawyer Howitt comes from a family that has been entrepreneurs for many years. His father, David Howitt, is the founder of Meriwether Group along with other companies like Oregon Chai.

As Sawyer Howitt is still in high school, his introduction to being an entrepreneur began early in his life. He is currently a senior and committed to Columbia University in the fall. At Columbia University he will be pursuing a degree in Entrepreneurial Finance.

Besides his schoolwork and job, Sawyer enjoys many hobbies including following the Portland Trail Blazers. Howitt also enjoys photography, music, fishing, fashion, culture, and racquetball. He has a bright future ahead of him in the world of being an entrepreneur.


Tailored To Be A Litigator

Karl Heideck was born to be a litigator
Karl Heideck is Tailored To Be A Litigator

Of all of the careers to have, being a litigator has always been one of intrigue and fascination. The role of a litigator takes on many roles in the courtroom. One moment, they are representing a plaintiff during trial. The next moment, they are making a settlement on behalf of the defendant.

In many ways, the role of the litigator can be likened to that of a chameleon. It is reptilian throughout court proceedings and they are able to shed many layers of their skin. Typically, litigators earn a four year Bachelor’s degree. After passing the LSAT, the prospective litigator must earn a Juris Degree. The Juris Degree typically takes three years to complete.

The first year is spent on legal areas such as civil procedures and ethics. The final two years are spent on specializing in litigation. In order to practice law, the graduate must pass the bar exam.It covers topics learned previously and is usually administered over a two day period. Last but not least, is job experience.

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Building up job experience is the final nail in the coffin. Litigators are paid rather handsomely and it common for them to earn six figure salaries. One litigator that comes to mind goes by the name of Karl Heideck. For over ten years, Karl has been a practicing litigator.

First, he pursued English and Literature at Swarthmore College. Then he joined Temple University’s Beasley School of Law and graduated with honors. He is a highly respected litigator and known throughout Pennsylvania. Karl has set the stand in the world of litigation.

He spent countless years working towards his degree. Obviously hard work pays off. For any aspiring litigator, please refer to Karl Heideck for inspiration. Time and time again his longevity has shown his peers his dedication to his craft.

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Arthur Becker’s Achievements In Different Companies

Arthur Becker is the managing director of a renowned investment company called Madison Partners, LLC. The company is at its early stages of venturing into Bio Tech and real estate businesses. From 2012 to 2015, Arthur served as chief executive officer and chairman of Zinio, the largest digital newsstand in the world. Between 2002 and 2010, Becker was the chief executive officer of NaviSite Company that offered internet technology services, collocation, and hosting to various businesses in the United Kingdom and United States. For seven years, Becker was a senior adviser to Vera Wang Company. Since 2011, when NaviSite was sold to Time Warner, the executive has been a private investor in real estate and technology.

According to, while working for NaviSite, Becker led the company through a secondary public offering. He also played a crucial role in ensuring that the company acquires eight corporations. He focused on expanding cloud services and the venture market of hosting solutions where he made huge revenues in 2010. Eventually, he transformed the company into a 150 million dollar business. During his tenure, Becker managed to maintain a zero percent voluntary turnover in his senior personnel. He served as the chief executive officer of NaviSite until 2010 when he resigned, but remained on company’s board until 2011

In 2006, Becker assumed operations and finance responsibilities for the Vera Wang Group. He succeeded in upgrading the management team and working closely with the founder of the company to support the growth of the firm. He was also able to revive the company from a 10 million dollar yearly loss to a 15 million dollar profit per year. Moreover, Becker reduced the expenses of Wang Vera Company by 35 percent and negotiated a 100 million dollar long-term license with a leading US retailer.

Similarly, while serving at Zinio, LLC in 2012, Becker was able to augment the company’s EBITDA, making it positive within the first two months of his appointment. Following his resignation from NaviSite, he started private investments in technology companies. His investments in biotech include C-4, which helps in deconstruction of targeted protein, Oncopep, a technology of cancer vaccine, and Frequency Therapeutics, which is a progenitor of cell motivation for restoring loss of hearing. Lately, he has been investing in the real estate industry, particularly housing developments in Miami and New York.